S. Y. C. C. PIX. Sketches You Can Color

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Dude!  Check it out. My amigos at Artbear Studios asked me, Barney Waaystoked, to host their new interactive page. I am soooo into this. I get to post sketches of surfing, fish, islands…you know da kine tropics pix. Par-a-dise, dude! I sometimes add the Hawaiian word for the subject, sometimes just a funny title.

I post them, you print them out and color them, and then email them back to me. I post yours plus new pix to keep things in the pocket. Like totally sick, right?

So stow the wet suit and sharpen your crayons. We’re about to paddle out art-style with this week’s S.Y.C.C. pix pick. These pix are 8″x10″  so coloring should be a gas even for “more mature” eyes.  Be sure to send your finished masterpiece to

                artbearstudios@gmail.com and add Hey Barney in the subject line.

.  Click on the pix you want and drag them to your desktop then print for coloring.

S.Y.C.C. Pix #1.   i’a (Fish )




S.Y.C.C. Pix #2. Nose Ride



he e maka


S.Y.C.C. Pix #3    Shore Break

shore break copy


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