Back to the drawing board


Welcome !

Artbear Studios started out when I was illustrating children’s books with authors like Stephen Cosgrove and publishers like Scholastic. It has continued to grow and allow me to explore many new paths. You can see some of my children’s illustrating style in my gallery as well as a variety of other endeavors.


While drawing and painting for childrens’ publications remains my first love, the focus has recently moved on to more adult-oriented ventures. As an example, my love of the South Pacific has surfaced in the guise of From Paradise With Love And Rum. It’s a different kind of food blog with original artwork, stories, and fantastic recipes. They’re all South Pacific themed and all are rum-based! A cookbook is in the works with a collection of stories and recipes from that blog. Check it out below.


Come along for the ride by adding your name and email to the mailing list. You’ll get updated on all of my latest posts, and possibly some giveaways. Remember to follow the studio on Facebook and Instagram. See you there!

Love the “cloud castle” and your ideas on a kid-driven story. Nice work!

Matthew Wasse

 Great! It’s your gift that makes your art good, gooder, and gooderest…

Stephen Cosgrove
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