But If You Try, Sometimes…

Suggested Listening If it does really all begin with letting go I am on my merry way again. The Activities Director at Edmonds Landing asked if I would join with another local artist for a small show. I knew the other artist (and even own one of her pieces) and knew she didn’t want to […]

Beach time vs Work time

I used to make my living freelancing. The Holy Grail was illustrating children’s books but the realistic and more available was logos, brochures, business cards and the like. Interesting work even on the worst day. Once in a while I’d score big with a maze or puzzle in Highlights, or spot illustrations in another magazine. […]

Local focus

In spite of the complaints about the weather here I truly love living in Edmonds. I’m about two blocks from the marina, pier, and beaches in one direction and a nice little villagey downtown in the other. It’s not the kind of beach town I grew up in but there is lots of salt water […]


Snow would be soooo much more fun if it were warm. Living in a snowglobe like I have been lately is a bizzare, other-worldy experience for someone who grew up on the beach. I tried ordering some Summer online but there seems to be some problem with shipping. Probably backlogged and/or weather related. Oh sure […]

Isolation has it’s benefits

Princess Theatre in the ghost town formerly known as Edmonds March 2020 I have always felt that I am an extremely lucky guy. Not because my draft 1969 classification was 4F resulting from a nearly fatal car accident, or making it through several illnesses, near-drownings, and badly broken hearts. It’s because I have something that […]


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