Baby bears spotted in downtown Edmonds!

Cafe Louvre is well known as The showcase for local artists, so when my work was selected as their featured artist in August I was blown away. It was a mad scramble, but the result is now up on the walls and looking for new homes ! A new direction for Haifa, the owner and Mécène des Arts, and a new venture for me. This is only the second time something I created is out there that is not in a book ( where one can often hide behind or ride the coat-tails of an author ), or some commercial assignment ( where the money is good and the acknowledgement is nil ) or created expressly for an individual. It’s fun knowing each of my grandkids has an original of mine personalized to them but right now there’s a strong tinge of nervousness having my stuff hanging as My Stuff. At the same time there’s a true thrill of recognition.

If you’re in the area stop by and check it out. Here’s a link to the cafe facebook page:



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