Isolation has it’s benefits

Princess Theatre March 2020 Princess Theatre in the ghost town formerly known as Edmonds March 2020

I have always felt that I am an extremely lucky guy. Not because my draft 1969 classification was 4F resulting from a nearly fatal car accident, or making it through several illnesses, near-drownings, and badly broken hearts. It’s because I have something that I can do anywhere, anytime with minimal requirements…drawing. It has eliminated boredom from my life since elementary school. All it requires is a pen, or pencil, or chalk, or a stick and some dirt, or a dusty surface, or even just a piece of ice plant and a sidewalk. Learning techniques and tools helps but it’s more like the oft-quoted directions to Carnegie Hall “Practice, practice, practice”.

So when Shelter In Place came along and my wife was kept so much more than busy as an Essential Worker at a retirement community, I simply retreated to my home studio and burrowed in. So far the result has been a growing collection of note cards and computer desktop backgrounds that are a combination of photos I’ve taken and drawings I’ve made.

The days are going so quickly ! First, there’s a leisurely breakfast and then the arduous 20 step commute to the drawing table. I start up the computer, break out the paper and pencil, and when I pick my head up again the day is over, my essential worker essential wife is back home, and all is once more well with my world. I am so incredibly lucky and thankful.

I’m continuing to create until I have enough designs to begin selling on Etsy or a similar outlet. The note cards are standard size on nice heavy stock and will come in sets of ten cards with envelopes. I will set it up so that I can personalize them with your return address and such The backgrounds are 1920×1080 pixels ( for the popular larger screens). Some have quotes or inspirations, while others are simply the artwork. The desktop/backgrounds will be an easy download or come as a set on a thumb drive.

I’m sure as time goes on more will be added but here’s a slideshow sampling of some of them I’ve completed so far. Let me know if you are interested and I’ll keep you posted on where you can buy them. Until then stay home. Stay safe. Stay healthy. Please enjoy the slides and comment below!



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