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In spite of the complaints about the weather here I truly love living in Edmonds. I’m about two blocks from the marina, pier, and beaches in one direction and a nice little villagey downtown in the other. It’s not the kind of beach town I grew up in but there is lots of salt water and smiles and it fits me well.

There are several close-by parks with walking trails woven along the streams and mossy Alder and Cedar woods. One of my favorites is Yost Park. The trails are primitive and inviting and usually you are alone there. At the end of Main Street is the ferry dock taking cars and people across to Kingston. Some on thier way to Olympic National Park and the hot springs there. The return trip might be a main deck filled with logging trucks, huge trees tightly held captive on thier trailers. The ferries Walla Walla and Spokane make their long arching sailings back and forth and I love walking on for the half hour or so ride to the other side of Puget Sound. It’s easy to loose yourself in the views. On foggy mornings the sounds of ferry horns bounce and echo off the surrounding hills and in through my studio windows.

With those feelings and ideas floating around in the studio what else could I create but note cards and prints with a more local focus. Maybe it’ll help balance out the cold gray outside. Brother rain is back and the last round of snow is melting quickly. It makes for sloshy trudging at best so working here now seems like a MUCH better, warmer idea. Seriously, the only slush I like comes from a 7Eleven store.

I’m thinking there’s an Etsy store in my future. Please leave a comment.


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Artwork and other creations by Kevin McCarthy

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