But If You Try, Sometimes…

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If it does really all begin with letting go I am on my merry way again. The Activities Director at Edmonds Landing asked if I would join with another local artist for a small show. I knew the other artist (and even own one of her pieces) and knew she didn’t want to do a solo thing so I jumped at the chance to support her. Rita studied watercolor in Italy, France, and other places but it’s her pieces from her time in New Mexico that spoke to me the strongest. I started out as a cartoonist and it doomed me to always wanting/needing a more outlined, defined image. The technique of watercolor, the loose or impressionistic look, has always evaded me.

On the appointed day I tottled off down the road to set up for what I expected to be a nice wine and cheese fueled Meet The Artist show. The room was set up very nicely with a warm, relaxed vibe and in spite of my basicaly shy tendencies (and fortified with a few glasses of merlot) I let go of things and was soon having a great time mingling and talking to the guests.

While pouring myself another glass of Schmooze Juice I noticed a man walk into the room and zero in on a particular piece with an obvious instant contact. He walked through the rest of the show but kept coming back to this one piece. As I was talking to a woman about how cool Rita’s work is the guy walked over and asked “Is this for sale?” It took me by surprise. Because I thought this was just a showing I had grabbed everything handy in my studio including some of my all-time favorite “Keepers”. Now this guy was pointing at a dragon I created a bazillion years ago and loved. A dragon whose image had secured me quite a few jobs in the past. His reason for connecting with the picture was that his late wife had totally loved dragons and she shared that love with their son. This piece had called his name straight away. It was to be a great present for his son and be a whimsical reminder of his Mom. How was I going to say no to that??? I took a deep breath and let it go. When I did, like instant karma, most of the rest of my work, starting with the rest of my “Keepers”, sold within minutes. Talk about a Cosmic Sledgehammer message.

I wanted a glass of wine and a chance to show my work. What I needed was a kick in the levis to move on to another level or area. I think it was Mick Jagger who wisely said “You can’t always get what you want, but if you try, sometimes you get what you need” It worked.


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  1. Mercedes Hepp Avatar
    Mercedes Hepp

    I loved this post, and while it’s a year ago, I want you to know that I still follow you, and love your essays👍👍All the best, from your Swiss ‘colleague’ artist.


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