My Wave

The completely insane heat is on a break (probably weather union rules) and the thermometer is struggling to climb past the low 80’s. A sweet little breeze is playing with the curtains in the studio. It. carries the scent of salt water and promises of a beautiful Pacific Northwest Summer. These are the times, the kind of Summer, I wish were endless.

As I migrate out to the deck and slide my beach chair into the shade a faint hint of incense teases past followed by the intoxicating scent of Mother Ocean. I’m not entirely sure, but the taste of Spanada wine might have crossed my tongue. In a half hearted attempt to stay in the present I sat back and reached for my phone. Just then I swore I heard the theme from Endless Summer floating somewhere. Resistance seemed futile.

In a place tucked lovingly in my head, forever locked in a vague southern California 1960’s to 70’s vibe (and best viewed through the lens of my current life) surfing wasn’t so much of a sport as it was simply what you did. There were other things like walking to the beach to hang out with your Beach Buds, riding your bike down the Strand to Taco Bill’s for lunch and stuff like that, but all they did was fill up the time until your next wave. It was a less crowded time in the lineup but even then the thought of a wave to yourself, YOUR wave was an elusive idea you talked about dreamily. It became slang for things being perfect for you.

With one foot still in the present (and the other dangling off a surfboard) I looked for some music to compliment my day. Spotify read my mind and suggested a set they called Beach Vibes. So as not to hurt their feelings I hit Play and this is what filled the air…

The Endless Summer theme, party scenes, and feeling of the song are the perfect blend of then and now. It makes me feel good to know some things only seem to change and others change for the better. The memories are great but my life now is so much more. It’s a big change from a past I can still touch while enjoying my life now. Does it get better than this??

A place in the Sun, a Negra Modelo beer in hand and getting to be an artist is totally my wave.

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