” It’s Christmas in the heart that puts Christmas in the air” W.T. Ellis

I’m pretty sure it was the same for most of us, but growing up in Manhattan Beach every time the “mailman” came to our house he seemed to bring yet another bunch of catalogs and piles of Christmas cards. Mom would hang all the cards from ribbons or decorate the fireplace with them. We’d sit watching Dean Martin’s Christmas show (or one of the other variety shows that populated the 5 or so stations you got) and address stacks of cards my family was sending out. You could imagine them opening the envelope and setting your card on a mantle in some far away place. You felt connected to those people again. Christmas is all about memories and remembering things like that starts me thinking maybe we should revisit some of the ways we connected in “The Before Times” as my daughter calls the pre-covid separation days. With so many restrictions in place about travel and places to gather we need to find other ways to stay connected. It doesn’t call for anything huge. Just a “check-in” and letting them know you’re thinking of them. BINGO! Re-enter Christmas cards.

I’ve always enjoyed creating images for this time of year and lately the urge to share them has focused on note cards. My thought was to produce fun or nostalgic images on the cover but leave the insides invitingly blank so that you can reflect what’s inside of you and therefore complete the creative process. I wanted something about as non-Hallmark as one could get and maybe something celebrating the fantastic Pacific Northwest I love. The result broke down into two styles of note cards. “C” for Cartoony and “T” for Tradtionalish.

I’ve concentrated on selling my cards locally at art shows and to friends while I delve into the methods and costs of sharing them online. That’s where you come in! I’d love your opinion on whether or not you’d buy these cards if they were available on this site. I know it’s late in the season for this and if you simply HAVE to have some of them you can email me and we can work something out. Selling my work online is new to me and at this point I am unable to accept credit cards. All of the cards are standard A2 size (4.25 x 5.5 inches) with matching envelopes and come boxed in sets of 10. All are original, some have rhinestone accents, and all are meant to share your caring. They are priced at $25 per set plus postage.

So, with all that said please take sometime to check out these samples and email me or reply via the feedback form below to let me know your thoughts.

“C”is for Cartoony…

“T” is for Traditionalish

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