A case of Albrecht Dürer tries impressionism?

Focus is an odd thing. Sometimes you work hard to hold a tight focus and other times you see things too clearly and seek a bit of a blur. Or you can set the cruise control and sort of half notice as things focus and fade at their own pace like you are watching someone’s slide show.

“We can change the focus to a soft blur or sharpen it to crystal clarity.”

The Outer Limits

The most recent invitation to join a local art show came at a point where I was playing with ways to keep one foot in each world, so to speak. Enjoying the soft fuzzy blur of watching the world float by and still tightly focusing on the details of certain aspects. The Muse found that balance in what came out for the show.

The sharper focus of parts of these have an almost anatomy class quality like illustrated muscles or sinews. They form the foundations that allow the other parts to soften and be more implied or maybe not analyzed too carefully. Kind of like a balance between things that truly matter and things that can be enjoyed without the work.

At any rate, here are samples of what I plan to show this month. Please let me know what you think using the form below or email me directly at Kevin@artbearstudios.com

Published by Kevin McCarthy

Artwork and other creations by Kevin McCarthy

2 thoughts on “A case of Albrecht Dürer tries impressionism?

  1. This is just soooo beautiful and original! Very inspiring.. the story and thoughts behind it are food for thought! The juxtaposition is apt between Dürer and the dreamier artist.


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