Holding On

Apart from sharing the title of the picture with this post, it sometimes describes a lot of fellow PNW denizens. The holding pattern starts with the return of Brother Rain and the area begins to wear its constant gray mantle. Around the first frost you once again hear people talking about whether or not a month on Maui is worth exchanging for Christmas this year. Then you notice that you haven’t seen much of the regulars lately. And finally you notice you haven’t actually been outside in, well, a while. It’s as close as I’ve ever come to hibernation. Possible explanation for Seattle’s fixation on coffee? It does help one Hang On.

Luckily for me there is always the urge to create lurking in the background waiting for its chance to strike. Since my wife is close with her extended family I have a seemingly endless opportunity to come up with birthday, anniversary, Christmas, and assorted other occasion cards. I’m still threatening to start selling my Christmas cards here but haven’t made much headway in that direction.

The latest grandchild to have a birthday pop up was 14 year old hockey super star Silas. We had a great time on a recent Vacay Squad trip to Mexico so his card reflects that plus his ‘tude.

When each of our five grandchildren were born my wife assigned them an animal totem. Jorja got the giraffe as hers so her recent birthday resulted in her riding Alberta Cowgirl style.

My daughter is an artist in her own right and the inspiration for the more “artsy” or non-kid styles I try. She has always been a reason for me to push myself and I love her for it. I guess it’s all a round-about way of saying I keep busy? Drawing has always been my relaxation and I still love doing the childrens’ book/ cartoon style so I’m set for the foreseeable future.

Ok. The smell of fresh coffee is wafting in from the kitchen and it’s been minutes since I’ve had any so I’ll end this here. What do you mean Winter’s not even started yet?????????

“Dear Santa, Bring Summer!!!”

Published by Kevin McCarthy

Artwork and other creations by Kevin McCarthy

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