Isolation has it’s benefits

Princess Theatre in the ghost town formerly known as Edmonds March 2020 I have always felt that I am an extremely lucky guy. Not because my draft 1969 classification was 4F resulting from a nearly fatal car accident, or making it through several illnesses, near-drownings, and badly broken hearts. It’s because I have something thatContinue reading “Isolation has it’s benefits”

Maybe not just kiss the cook?

I remember my Grandfather , R. B. McCarthy, as a loving and fascinating man. Despite my Mother thinking of him as dashingly handsome, when I compared to the men in advertisements and movies he was more , shall we say “average looking”. So when I began reading his journals and all the stories of theContinue reading “Maybe not just kiss the cook?”

How I learned to love homework

I have a tiny studio in my home that is my workspace, refuge and factory. A place where occasionaly incense floats through the air only to be replaced by the smell of paints, and music permeates it all. Working from home I have produced artwork for numerous children’s books, commercial art like business cards andContinue reading “How I learned to love homework”

Grandpa’s Nutz !

Spicey Boozy Christmas nuts     Christmas is a time for remembering. One of my favorite holiday memories is the fun of singing our family version of Deck the Halls “Drink the rum and lets’ be jolly” and my little sister and I shouting out the last line “Grandpa’s nuts! Grandpa’s nuts!”  According to our parents, Grandpa was magically,Continue reading “Grandpa’s Nutz !”

Chocolate Mousse with Irish Whiskey Carmel Sauce and Whipped Cream… Or How Mary-Margaret learned to dance

    My father was his family’s oldest and had been born within weeks of his parents immigrating from Ireland to Philadelphia. Christmases with his family were an often bizarre mix of Irish traditions and American additions,

Olta Siolta Shamna Drunken Pumpkin Seeds

     Halloween was tonight and I had been assigned to bring apples. I noticed her as I was about to enter the local grocery and she, wearing a tall pointed hat, was about to load a very large pumpkin into her car. I was drawn to offer assistance. As I got closer I saw herContinue reading “Olta Siolta Shamna Drunken Pumpkin Seeds”

Ready to come about!

It’s all about balance, right? When I say I am currently working on things that are more “adult”  I don’t necessarily mean cheesy 70’s stuff you’d never admit to watching. I’m keeping within the fantasies, but taking a new, more mature tack. Women have an amazing ability to morph into memories that totally haunt youContinue reading “Ready to come about!”