Ready to come about!

It’s all about balance, right? When I say I am currently working on things that are more “adult”  I don’t necessarily mean cheesy 70’s stuff you’d never admit to watching. I’m keeping within the fantasies, but taking a new, more mature tack.

Women have an amazing ability to morph into memories that totally haunt you by ghosting in now and then. I offer as example that picture your head keeps of the Perfect Surfer Girl from back in the day, a goddess watching over a favored voyage,  or (insert your fantasy here). Even if they never existed guys would invent them. Sometimes, really, those are the best.

I’m sure most artists would agree the absolute best and most versatile combo is basic pencil and blank paper. The combo allows for sharp lines and deep shadows, to soft fades and shades, and allowing the paper to show through creates highlights. It’s the sort of thing you can sketch anywhere the Muse inspires. Thanks to the great weather and the things that accompany that delight, so far it works.

Hine composite

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