Maybe not just kiss the cook?

I remember my Grandfather , R. B. McCarthy, as a loving and fascinating man. Despite my Mother thinking of him as dashingly handsome, when I compared to the men in advertisements and movies he was more , shall we say “average looking”. So when I began reading his journals and all the stories of theContinue reading “Maybe not just kiss the cook?”

Grandpa’s Nutz !

Spicey Boozy Christmas nuts     Christmas is a time for remembering. One of my favorite holiday memories is the fun of singing our family version of Deck the Halls “Drink the rum and lets’ be jolly” and my little sister and I shouting out the last line “Grandpa’s nuts! Grandpa’s nuts!”  According to our parents, Grandpa was magically,Continue reading “Grandpa’s Nutz !”

Ready to come about!

It’s all about balance, right? When I say I am currently working on things that are more “adult”  I don’t necessarily mean cheesy 70’s stuff you’d never admit to watching. I’m keeping within the fantasies, but taking a new, more mature tack. Women have an amazing ability to morph into memories that totally haunt youContinue reading “Ready to come about!”