Trees’ Company

A single tree is simply a tree, right? But a bunch of trees together can be another world to explore. Once in a world where the trees gather to share the company of other trees you can zero in on a particular individual and see what stories it can tell.

Trees last. They endure. Cypress trees along the 17 Mile Drive in Carmel by the Sea have stood fast, defiantly maintaining their beauty for who knows how long against the constant salt assault from Mother Ocean . The deep forests of the PNW have for millennium hidden peaceful meadows and dark shadows (and Bigfoot?). Stand back and they blend into each other making One. Walk up and each one and it shows you how it has stood watching here forever. They live on in a totally different time scale.

Can you tell I like trees? Making roots intertwine and branches cross each other was how I learned to weave things in drawing. Here are some samples of the inspiration trees have offered…

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