A look back…

End cap display topping for Jingle Belle by Stephen Cosgrove

I was talking with an old friend recently and the subject of how fun it was to work together came up. It made me look back to what truly seems like another life… I was living in Southern California, working days at LAX, and Daddying my two little ones while my wife worked nights. In the time left over I was trying to be a commercial artist. I loved almost every minute of almost all of that time. Flashing a few years forward, I was living in the Pacific Northwest and still plugging way at commercial art. My focus was changing to artwork more aimed at the long held desire of illustrating for children’s publications. I had sold some things to Highlights Magazine and other small sucesses and kept “pounding the bricks” with tons of self promo going to art dirctors, authors, and editors. That’s when I first stumbled on Serendipity Books by Stephen Cosgrove. Everybody in the PNW already knew who he was and loved his books.

After I sent a few promotional pieces and letters his wife saw my work and like it…or just took pity on me. She began sliding one particular piece under his nose. Soon we were working on all sorts of projects. One project was a series of books titled Earth Angels. As with most of Stephen’s books these teach about our shared values in the most Un-preachy way I’ve found. During our conversation I thought immediately of one of my favorites – Jingle Belle – The Value of Giving. Jingle was sent to earth to update the book of Miracles with all of the gifts given from the heart. It is a great story especially considering we’re in the midst of the holiday season.

Jiungle Belle

If you get the chance check out the book and while you’re at it you should visit Stephen’s website stephencosgrove.com . While you’re there download his gift to everyone. It’s an audio production for his upcomming KidTalk Radio. Your kids will love it. Look for Prancer on the right-hand side of the page and enjoy.

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